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ghost in the shell.

the project.

Ghost In The Shell - Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures (2017)


my role.

I worked with Territory Studio to produce concept sketches for various assets that were needed to populate the film's main cityscape. These ranged from brands for building-sized "solograms", to holographic versions of street signs. The primary focus for me on this project was speed; the director needed to see lots of ideas quickly so that they could get greenlit before being passed on to a 3D artist.  

sologram concepts.

Solograms within ghost in the shell were giant, commercial holograms that would walk among skyscrapers to advertise various brands. The production company had already shot various 3D scans of actors in different situations but needed brands and concepts to be attached to them. 

cityscape concepts.

Additionally to the main Solograms, numerous concepts were also needed for street level signage; shop window advertisements, road signs, product labels, etc.

concepts implemented.

Below are a few examples of the concepts after being passed on to a 3D artist and composited into the film.

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